How To Use A Female Condom

A femdom, or female condom, is a device that is used by the female adult woman during sexual intercourse. At each end, there are two flexible rings, one of the rings is around the opening while the other is inside; this makes it easier to use for the female. Besides, it may be inserted several hours before sex to prepare the woman for penetration psychologically.

How to use a femdom

Check the expiration date on the package, and then tear open the box carefully and get yourself into a comfortable position, like how you would position yourself when putting in a tampon. To insert it you will squeeze the inner ring between your index finger and your thumb to make its diameter smaller and easier to insert. Then, push it deep inside either the vagina as far as it may go. Use your finger to push the femdom as far as it can go to ensure that it will not twist out of place. Pull your finger out and let the outer ring to hang outside the vagina about an inch and you are good to go! But you need to keep the outer ring outside of the vaginal opening.

Advantages of femdom

The use of femdom takes the worry out of sex and is a safe way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is easy to use and the female only needs to find a comfortable position for insertion by either lying down or standing. It is also scientifically proven to be very effective, so if you are considering a contraceptive to use, the femdom might just be your best option.

Another advantage is that they are latex free which is a major plus for those who are allergic. During vaginal sex, the inner ring stimulates the erogenous zones, making it more enjoyable for her. Moreover, it may be used for anal sex because it is comfortable and makes it easier for penetration. To use it for anal sex, you need to remove the inner ring.

Bottom Line
A femdom has many benefits as outlined above. It takes the worry out of sex leaving you to enjoy your time with an escort without worrying about health issues and unwanted pregnancy.

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