January 2019

Do London escorts have a certain attitude about them? The other night I came off a date with a foreign gentleman. It was the first time he had dated a girl from cheap escorts in London, and as I got out of his chauffeur-driven car, he told me that he
thought that I was a bit of a primadonna. I gasped at him, and he finished the evening off with a comment that rather upset. Would you believe that he told me that he had dated C list celebs with less of attitude? Believe me, this guy is never going to make my dating diary. I don’t think that I have an attitude, but I guess that he did. Mind you, when you look at certain London escorts, I guess that you may think that we are prima donnas. Nearly all of the girls I know at London escorts have designer handbags, shoes and clothes. It may seem to many that we are a bit primadonnish if you know what I mean. But in general I do think that most London escorts that I know have really good hearts, and always like to keep our dates happy. Blond and brunette London escorts are probably a little bit different from redhead London escorts. I think that the majority of redhead London escorts that I have met really do have an attitude and can be rather pushy as well. But then again, the gentlemen who date them do seem to enjoy their company. I guess it takes someone special to date redheads and I am sure that there are some men who have a real fetish about dating redheads. Women that are companions have a better aura about them that men like to bring them on dates and events. They feel proud to have these women at them, it’s not just the fact that they are sexy and beautiful. There is a lot more to them than that and you can see it when you meet them in the flesh. The air of sophistication that these sexy girls have about them can sometimes be attributed to wether they are blondes or brunettes.

Personally I don’t see that there is much evidence to support this, it purely comes down to the clients personal preference. Are blondes more fun to be with on a date? Yes, being a sexy blonde myself, I would have to say that sexy blondes have more fun with it comes to dating. I am always up for a laugh, and when I am out on a date I love to party. But at no time, I would say that I am a complete prima donna. But I have met a lot of gentlemen during my time with London escorts, and they have spoiled me. Unlike some of my colleagues at the escort agency in London, I simply can’t see the point of leaving my special gifts such as designer handbags and posh shoes at the back of my wardrobe. As they say, if you have got it, you should flaunt it. Well, at least a little bit……