Hottest girls in Kent

Dating Kent escorts is a very popular past times for gents visiting and staying outside of London , but why is it. The UK Escorts Guide decided to speak to a couple of gents who date Kent hot babes on a regular basis. Sometimes they even fly into town to especially date hot girls in Kent. Many more gents feel exactly the same way and it is not only the UK Escort guide who is trying to figure out why. Escorts agencies around Kent would also like to know what makes Kent hot babes so special and why so many gents from around the world enjoy dating them.

Paul lives in Kent but does travel a lot. He likes to date escorts from all over the world but does say that there is something very special about Kent escorts of First of all he says that they are very sexy. I dated in Las Vegas recently, says Paul, I sort of enjoyed the experience but found that a lot of the girls were not really sexy. Slutty and tarty are two better terms to describe  American escorts. You will never get that in Kent. All of the girls are pleasant to be with and do not act cheap.

According to Paul dress code is important as well. Some escorts in other parts of the world do not dress very well. kent escorts are always very well dressed and you are not embarrassed to take them out to dinner. For instance, Paul says, a lot of escorts in Las Vegas do not seem to belong in a restaurant. They seem out of place somehow and I have never enjoyed a dinner date with an escort in Las Vegas. She was dressed so badly I felt that people looked at her all the time, and I would not take a Las Vegas escort out to dinner again.

Kent escorts are also very genuine, says Paul. They open the doors to their boudoirs with a great big smile on their faces and this is really nice. They seem to be happy to see you and I think this part of the service is very genuine. The girls I date seem to take a certain amount of pleasure out of escorting and this sort of shines through. I like dating kent escorts just because they are very friendly and treat you like a human being. A lot of American escorts treat you like a pay check and this is not nice.

I have been married but much prefer dating escorts for the time being. Some of the nicest ladies that I have ever met have been Kent girls and this is why I prefer dating escorts. I have my own business so I appreciate that maintaining a personal relationship can be difficult. This is where Kent escort services come in. One day I might start a serious relationship but until then I am happy to date Kent girls as they do more than fulfill all my needs. They are hot babes but nice at the same time.

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