Hi think I’m in love with my best friend sister

My friend Danny and I have been friends since we were about 2 1/2 years old when our parents moved from out of town into London. Hi Danny had a younger sister who is about a year younger than us. And I had an older sister who was about two years older than us. 

After we finished high school Danny and I would spend every day together running around West Ealing trying to find jobs and handing in our CV. We funny we accepted into a job at sports direct which we were pretty happy about seeing as we are both in to close and sports. My older sister worked for London escorts of https://www.londonxcity.com/escorts/ so we didn’t see her that much she had spent a little time away in Europe working for a European escort agency she came back the summer we finish school. 

My parents often have annual parties during the summer normally it’s a huge barbecue we are lots of people come. Danny and I I’ll always employed to the servers and we always get left with the tiresome job of tidying up after. To be fair we didn’t mind that much as we were able to swipe some of the unopened beer left out and about in the house. This summer my sister was able to join us as she had moved back to London and joined the London escort agency. So this year summer barbecue was a double celebration of my sister coming home and Danny and I finishing school. 

My sister attended the party after an early shift at London escort. I will never forget Danny‘s face as she walked through the door. He happened to be the one who open the door for her and there was this awkward silence and longing stare between the two of them as he open the door. I literally had to go over to him and tell him to shut his mouth as his jaw had dropped at the sight of her. A greeted my sister and dragged Danny to the kitchen. I said to him what are you doing that was so awkward it’s just my sister why did you stand so silent like a statue. 

Then he was quiet for a few seconds and then blurted out uncontrollably ‘bruv your sister is hot’!

I knew as soon as he finished that sentence I had to squash this whole Danny doesn’t realise is that my sister is a London escort she dates sophisticated older men not high school kids. When he didn’t listen to me he followed her around like a sick puppy all night he was quite pitiful. I don’t know how he thinks that an older London escort would even look at high school kid twice. Embarrassing me I had to pull him away from her side a few times making up excuses like we have to go and serve cocktails or we had to go in restock the toilet roll. Every time I lost sight of him without a doubt I could find him right by my sister side. 

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