Margaux Isaksen
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Who Am I?

I was born in October of 1991. As an infant my Mom took me riding horseback on her family farm with me slung over her shoulder riding in front of her. My love for horses and riding goes back that far. At three, I fell off my horse and broke my arm. Somewhere there’s a picture of me sitting my horse with my arm in a cast. When it surfaces, I’ll put it on here.

My Father was the Captain of a cruise ship. He died of colon cancer when I was two and my sister was only six months old. I’ve always been active and athletic, and my first sport was soccer. I only started formal swimming, shooting, and running training two years ago. Hannah Clegg, University of Arkansas swimmer, took me under her wing and taught me to train with discipline. Thanks Hannah for your efforts and your friendship.

My running coaches Greg Matthews at Woodland, and Kelly O’Meara at Fayetteville High School both went out of their way to train me and put together the regimen of running that positioned me to compete. I owe both coaches my gratitude and success and I want to acknowledge the hours of dedicated sacrifice that both men invested in me.

I discovered fencing when my sister Isabella took it up, and I decided to give it a try. Our coach, Neal Pickens, of the Arkansas Fencing Academy, whose daughter was a Modern Pentathlete, put all the pieces together when he saw me fence and asked me about my interests and other sports endeavors. Neal has been a guide, mentor, and so much more than a coach to me.

My first year in Pentathlon has been a busy one. In 2007 and 2008 I’ve travelled extensively to compete. My passport has stamps from: Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, England, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, and Spain In 2007 I won Gold Medals in : the 2007 Senior and Junior USA Nationals in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the 2007 Youth A Championship in Roswell, New Mexico, the 2007 Polish Junior Nationals in Drzonkow, Poland, the 2007 South American Championship in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, In 2008, so far I won: the Silver Medal in 2008’s World Cup II in Mexico City. the Gold Medal in the 2008 NORCECA Invitational my place on the US Olympic team! 2008 World Championship Youth A

Thank you for your interest in me and in my sport. I encourage you to follow along as I make my way through coming competitions and to cheer for Team USA!